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Hello people, It’s George Davis again and I’m picking up on where I ended my last article about my journey to Georgia, in the previous chapter I told about the origin of Dato, my sisters husband and how I ended up discovering the country of Georgia, when we got back from Khevsureti, Dato wanted to take us in other parts of his country, he was eager to show us some of the most beautiful places of his homeland and frankly saying I was interested in all that, because the impressions I had from seeing the mountainous side of Georgia was unforgettable and I wanted more , it’s like I have been in many places before but, this journey showed me that travelling is one of the most satisfying activities in the world, it helps you to not only discover various beautiful things and stories all over the world, but, it is my strong belief that being on the road helps you discover yourself as well, for instance take me, before I travelled to Georgia I didn’t think that I liked travelling that much, but now I look forward for my upcoming vacation to use it as much as I can to go see the world, that is how one journey to a little country changed my perspective on life.

As I was saying, when we came back from Khevsureti we returned to Tbilisi in Datos house for a few days to see some places that were located in the capital and play one of best game. Tbilisi historically was one of the few bastions of Christianity from as back as it was founded by the Georgian king Vakhtang Gorgasali, the legend says that when the king was hunting in the forest his falcon chased the pray and went out of sight, when king’s people discovered the falcon it appeared to have been drown in the natural boiling waters, that is how king Vakhtang Gorgasali discovered the place, he liked it very much and ordered his people to build a city around this place, that is how the name Tbilisi originated, “tbili” means warm in Georgian so that is where the city got its name. Tbilisi is known for its multitude of churches and other religious monuments some of which were build as early as in 4th century. Despite the fact that I don’t identify myself as a religious person, I really appreciated the fact that Georgian people cared and cherished their religion and monuments that were built in the name of god, on the contrary Jane my sister is a religious person and it gave her another reason to fall in love with Tbilisi.

Next stop was Batumi, a sea side resort of Georgia. Despite the fact that Georgia has mountain and sea resorts it is still relatively very small, that is the beuty of Georgia as Dato often says, such amount of treasure located in a small space. The journey from one end of Georgia to the other took us roughly 6 hours and we were already bathing in the Black sea and enjoying the sun. Dato showed us around, he said that it was one of his favorite cities, because he used to come here every year with friends to have a good time, Batumi is a small city but nevertheless it is beautiful in its own way, it took us just several hours to see and feel everything there is to be discovered in Batumi and after that Dato had a surprise for us, he told us while we were in the hotel that he had bought three tickets to tonight’s concert of a Georgian singer Bera, we really didn’t know who Bera was, but he assured us that we would enjoy every minute of the show.

We went to the Batumi stadium that is where the concert was held, we entered the stadium and to our surprise it was full of people, they were waiting for Bera to come out. I forgot to ask Dato what kind of music was Bera performing, so I came to him and asked what should I expect, he said that Bera is a pop music singer , very popular in Georgia, but for now he has moved to New York to establish his career there and every now and then he would come to his home country and sing for his people, he had just finished explaining when the concert started, Bera came out with a Georgian song which was as I figured out after about his country, suddenly the stadium became energized people cheered and most of them sang along with Bera, the experience was enticing for me to because Bera appeared to be a very good singer , he sung some songs from his new album which was produced in America and frankly saying I very much enjoyed the show.
So my friends that is the story of how I discovered Georgia, a pearl that is on the border of Europe and Asia, I fell in love with its culture, nature and people, therefore I recommend everyone to try it.



Bloons Tower Self Defense Is A Popular Flash Game That Has Been Actually Growing For Rather Some Time


Bloons High Rise Self defense is a popular Play Run 3 flash game activity that has actually been developing for rather some opportunity. The 1st model became so well-known that followers of the video game started asking for a follow up. Ninja Kiwi, the producer of the smash hit video game responded. Today, you will definitely find a lot of variations from the Bloons High Rise Self defense Activity, leading by means of 5.

Concerning the Game

Unblocked Games has you participating in as an ape where you need to put as lots of bloons as achievable. Relying on the version you participate in, you will definitely either be actually firing the bloons down yourself or establishing towers where the apes will certainly fire the bloons down based after where you prepared all of them.

There are actually several upgrades along with various bloon kinds, different keep tracks of, Special Broker Towers, Exclusive Goals and also far more.

How the Game is Played

The moment you pick which impossible quiz unblocked you desire to play, you will certainly read through the easy on the web guidelines delivered. You will then place towers throughout the board that are accountable for rejecting bloons (or balloons). Hing on the mode you choose, you will definitely be actually shooting tacks, stones or some various other object so as to put the balloon.

As you get a lot more spots, you have the capacity to upgrade to better high rises to make sure that you have a better odds of shooting down all of the bloons. Since from the desire to put as numerous bloons as possible, this Raze 3 game could end up being quickly addictive.

There are several modes that you could decide on: newbie, intermediary as well as advanced. This will definitely establish just what devices you possess along with the amount from commands that you possess.

You can regulate the whole entire video game along with your computer mouse. You will definitely click to either location the high rises on the video game board or you are going to manage to regulate your cursor so as to ignite at the bloons.

Tips & Techniques

The only method to access each one of the exclusive upgrades are actually with additional points. Save up your factors to be actually able to upgrade to either a raised capturing radius or even to a much better dart. Always remember that some Learn To Fly 3 unblocked are actually more challenging to reject in comparison to others, thus you will definitely require something more powerful to puncture the balloon.

Work to opening fast-track setting, which costs 3,000 Ape Loan. This are going to permit you to use your bloon coming opportunity much more effectively. This will certainly let you bypass earlier rounds and enter Round 26.

This is actually where you wish to put the most apes. As long as the bulk from your apes are by the entryway and also no further compared to the very first turn, then none of the bloons ought to be able to obtain past.

You may likewise desire to conserve for a Super Monkey in order that you could appreciate an even far better video game.

Obtaining Begun

The web site is actually totally complimentary, permitting you to make an effort each of the versions of Bloons Tower Protection to observe which one you like far better. You don’t need to have any unique equipment or even program to play the Vex 3 Unblocked video game. Simply open your internet browser, choose which model you desire to play and start checking out the monkeys go to town on the various bloons.

This is just one of the a lot more important flash activities that you will find on the web. Some individuals like High rise Defense 1 this ideal while others favor 4 or even 5. You are going to possess to play gamefudge all of them done in order to choose which one you like the most ideal.

As soon as you acquire conforming, go forward and “like” the site and portion that with all of your friends. You will have the capacity to track your progress with a variety of accomplishments and degrees, enabling you to contrast your skill-sets to your friends’ skills.

Bloons Tower Protection is actually a prominent flash Cool Math Games that has actually been actually advancing for quite some opportunity. The initial model became so well-liked that followers of the game started asking for a sequel. Today, you will certainly locate several variations of the Bloons Tower Self defense Activity, numbered one by means of five.

As soon as you decide on which activity you desire to play Cubefield game , you will certainly read the basic online directions offered. You don’t require any type of exclusive tools or even software program to participate in the activity.